My name is Shareka Cross, I am a Strategist Consultant. I started this business to help individuals make life decisions. I have worked for a lot of great companies, such as the DMV, Court and at Mental Health Agency. It seems like I always put myself on a path to success. I am the type of person that thinks ahead and I always try to make the best decisions. But what happens when you can't or when things don't go as planned. This is where I step in and help you build a plan. I am a Business Creator. I can help you fulfill your life goals and set you on path to help you start your business. 

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My Story

Short Bio


Shareka Cross is a  Business Strategist Consultant, that helps other businesses to gain the right tools for their business to operate. She has helped several businesses such as Hair Salons, Business Offices, Schools, Warehouses and more. With her years of expertise and knowledge it allows her to help businesses to grow and succeed.


Long Bio: 


Shareka Cross grew up in North Philadelphia, with a large family of uncles and aunts, her mother, grandmother, siblings and cousins all living under one roof. Money was very scarce and food supply was short. She remembers when a lunch truck would come pass to drop off food to the kids in the neighborhood in the summer. And that was how they were able to eat. 


Her mother was a single parent of 4 children, her mother would work odd jobs here and there, but welfare was her main source of income. Her father was never around. Which made her mother the basic care giver. 

At the age of 7 her baby brother and baby sister passed away in a house fire. Which was devastating to the family. They moved around a lot until about the age of 10 where she finally had a stable home to live in. Growing up she have always felt like she had to protect her mom and her younger sister. 


Growing up she would pretend she was rich, and owned a lot of businesses. She would use the money to buy a house for her mom and her sister. At aa young age she would baby sit and do little girls hair in the neighborhood to make money at a young age and save it to give it to her mother when she needed it. She have always been an entrepreneur at heart and a go getter in spirit. This is what has driven her to become the best she could be.


Her grown up life

She was 29 when she taught  her self how to become a business owner making baskets and selling them, but her business failed because she did not have the right resources to grow her business successfully. She decided to teach her self everything she needed to learn about starting a business.

She learned about website designing, how to create a business logo's, which website offers the best services for her business, and how to market her business with different resources that were available.

Shareka is by far a person, who knows what she's doing, and loves helping other's to achieve their dreams. She has built a platform for small businesses that need help growing their business the right way. Working with Shareka, you will learn a lot. 


Book her today and learn how to start and maintain your life goals as well as your business goals.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.